The forest garden is the expression of the Buddha’s teachings on the interdependence between all living things, the founders' vision of creating an ecologically sound environment for all living beings, and the foundation upon which the Kagyu Nalanda Institute’s sustainability is built. It is the culmination of teamwork and cooperation between people and nature, between the people working on project.


    •    Reforestation, indigenous plant restoration and landscaping
    •    Deep water irrigation system
    •    New construction
                                             : Retreat cottages (10 cottages for up to 20 retreatants)
                                             : Staff quarters (2 units for up to 8 families)
                                             : Public toilets
                                             : Café and shop
    •    Renewable and alternative sources of energy
                                             : Solar electrical power
                                             : Wind turbine electrical power
                                             : Rain water harvesting (for irrigation)
                                             : Bio gas (for cooking)
    •    Waste management
                                             : Composing
                                             : Recycling
    •    Organic food production
                                             : Vegetable garden
                                             : Medicinal herb garden
                                             : Fruit and nut orchards
                                             : Dairy compound
                                             : Chicken house

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Boddhisattva Trust puts a high priority on  the academic education of the monks at Kagyu Nalanda Institute. It is dedicated to providing the highest quality education possible, and to creating and implementing an innovative, meaningful learning experience for all the monks. The young monks of today are the future teachers of tomorrow. In order to do this their teachers are being trained in new and effective methods to better meet the needs of the monks in the ever-changing world they live in.

         •    Technology and AV equipments

: Computers

: Printers

: Scanners

 : Movie projectors

         •    Classroom furnishings

: Tables

: Chairs

: Bookshelves

: Whiteboard

•  Library

: Multi-faith texts

: Academic textbooks

: Story books in English

: Reference books

Teaching Materials

: Maps and globes

: Posters

: Documentary movies


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Boddhisattva Trust equally emphasizes religious training in monastic life. The annual prayer services are an internal part of the monks' spiritual education and practice. They provide a service to  the community as well, preserving both sacred customs and heritage.


•    Annual Prayers

: Prayer for the peaceful & wrathful deities
: Propitiation of prosperity
: Offering ceremony on 29th of the last month
: Ritual dagger with cycles of tantric teachings
: Tibetan New Year

: Month of Vaisakha, (4th Tibetan Month of Saga Constellation)

: Summer retreat of monks for fifteen days

: Death Anniversary of Marpa Choekyi Lodoe

: Death Anniversary of Milarepa

: Kagyu Religious Recitation

: The Divine descent (ceremony on 22nd day of the 8th Tibetan month)

: Five auspicious days in each month

•    Articles and Objects of Offerings

: Tsok (blessed food offerings)

: Ritual cakes (torma)

: Butter lamps

: Bread and tea

: Flowers and incense

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