Boddhisattva Trust is the charitable, non-governmental organization (NGO) registered with the government of India that supports Kagyu Nalanda Institute. It is dedicated to promoting the Buddha’s way of life through preserving his teachings on the interconnection between people and their environments, and the importance of establishing and protecting sustainable environments.




These are challenging times, with a greater than ever need to work for the common good. We are actively re-engaging in our projects to meet this need. We appeal to everyone to join us in renewing our commitment to see our projects finished by 2015. With your generosity we will realize our dream: the completion and endurance of the Boddhisattva Trust master plan and Kagyu Nalanda Institute campus environment. Our deepest appreciation and gratitude to everyone who has, and continues to, support our vision through ongoing contributions of time, energy and money.



The Venerable K.C. Lama Kalsang Rinpoche was born in Tibet 95 years ago, and came to India in 1961. He is an accomplished Vajrayana master who has been a source of inspiration and healing to the people of Bylakuppe for 50 years. He first visited the West in 1996, and continues to travel internationally offering insightful teachings and compassionate guidance. Over the years, Rinpoche’s powerful spiritual healings have successfully helped people where other methods have failed.

Orgyen Samten Lingpa (Karma Rinpoche) was recognized as the reincarnation of Orgyen Samten Lingpa by H.H. the 16th Karmapa and Nyingma masters; and endorsed by H.H. the 17th Karmapa, Orgyen Trinley Dorje. He studied under H.E. K.C. Ayang Rinpoche until he entered Buddhist college; and has been under the constant mentorship of K.C. Lama Kalsang Rinpoche for the past 20 years. While on pilgrimage to Tibet in 1991, he realized his passion: preserving his father’s healing tradition and the Gesar of Ling’s Mo Divination system; and creating Boddhisattva Trust and Kagyu Nalanda Institute. In 1999, K. C. Lama Kalsang Rinpoche named him heir apparent.



The Divination and Healing Center is the setting where Venerable K.C. Lama Kalsang Rinpoche offers his transformative healthcare services. It is named after the legendary warrior King Gesar of Ling, K.C. Lama Kalsang Rinpoche is a direct descendant, inheriting the Gesar of Ling Mo divination from his own father and passing it on to his own son, Orgen Samten Lingpa (Karma Rinpoche).It is the oldest Tibetan divination system used to identify obstacles to a person's well-being. Once identified, Rinpoche removes the obstruction through prayers, blessing and rituals. K.C. Lama Kalsang Rinpoche and Orgen Samten Lingpa (Karma Rinpoche) are the only living holders of this tradition.



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