The vision of Boddhisattva Trust is to create and maintain a sustainable, ecologically-balanced environment for the benefit of the society, now and in the future. This begins with the spiritual training of monks at Kagyu Nalanda Institute; systematically expands to include the preservation of their natural surroundigs; and culminates with a living model of environmental protection for the local and global community.

H.H. The 17th Karmapa's Message


Over the expanse of the treasured earth in this wide world,
May benefit for beings appear like infinite moons’ reflections,
Whose refreshing presence brings lasting welfare and happiness
To open a lovely array of night-blooming lilies, signs of peace and joy.

Descending from a canopy of white clouds, the gathering of two accumulations,
May these true words, like pearled drops of light or pouring rain,
Falling in a lovely park where fortunate disciples are free of bias,
Open the flowers of friendship so that well-being and joy blossom forth.

 H.H 17th Karmapa Orgen Trenley Dorje

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This year Kagyu Nalanda experienced a marked improvement in the academic abilities of the monks, as a result of the consistent efforts of the teachers. Students have increased their desire for learning; particularly environmental sustainability and organic farming. Their active participation in meeting with guest teachers has resulted in a core understanding of the importance of, and need for, special care of the environment.

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